Back on the Road

The great and final farewell tour is underway!

Having travelled o’er the oceans on separate flights (part planning, part chaos) we met up near Newcastle at the home of the lovely Malcolm and Susan Craven.  Barely time to get our bearings and the next day we were on our way to Jacey’s in Yorkshire, and then on Wednesday to Llantrisant for the first gig of the tour.

As always the magnificent Llantrisant club gave us a jolly start.  It’s a beautiful jolt to be seeing so many familiar faces and hearing the voices!

Our first few days were sun-drenched and glorious and so we took the opportunity to visit the Sheppy Cider Farm during our travels.  Yum!

After Wales, it was off to Bideford in North Devon and then onto Chippenham Folk Festival.  A fabulous reception.

We had a Friday night at the Constitutional Club on Friday night, followed by three shows on Saturday.  It was a delight to be back in Chippenham.  Again, so many familiar faces.

Sunday saw us hit the road once more, this time to visit and play for George and Vanessa Papavgeris in Chesham.  A small but perfectly formed house-concert crowd and again, startlingly good acoustics.

We’re getting the chops back in shape.  After a year in the office, it’s been fun to blow out whatever musical cobwebs may have accumulated.

A day off today on a slightly damp bank-holiday Monday (and a chance to catch up on important Dr Who episodes).

A little organising for Denmark next week, house concert tomorrow and the Red Lion to look forward to on Wednesday in Birmingham.

Love to all from the road.

John, Nic and Em

PS. We found this bear escaping from his back yard while we were out walking.

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