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Clouded House

Our new album is now available.

With the dazzling addition of fiddler Emma Nixon, cloudstreet returns with Clouded House. A fabulous collection of old and new, with the superb vocals and inspiring arrangements that are their trademarks.

Order your copy now for $25, including postage worldwide.




1. Malmsbury Abbey (Eilmer) (4:14)
2. Adieu to all Judges and Juries (4:21)
3. Maud Butler (3:35)
4. Butcher Boy (4:43)
5. The Way You Look Tonight (2:06)
6. Jock Broon's 70th (4:31)
7. Song of the Sheet Metal Worker (2:53)
8. Tolpuddle Man (4:53)
9. The Catalpa (3:40)
10. Twa Corbies (2:14)
11. In My Life (2:59)
12. Homeless Beaver (3:25)



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Cloudstreet CDs

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circus small cover
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tunes cd


The Land Of Bright Gold

Drawing firmly on cloudstreet's Australian musical roots, The Land Of Bright Gold brings together their trademark gorgeous harmonies with the very best of Australian traditional song.




1. To The West (4:26)
2. Song Of Artesian Water (4:56)
3. The Maryborough Miner (2:36)
4. Do You Think That I Do Not Know (6:12)
5. The Woodturner's Love Song (3:36)
6. Bushfire/The Joy Flight (4:39)
7. Jim Jones At Botany Bay (4:01)
8. The Gartan Mother's Lullaby (3:49)
9. Stringybark & Greenhide (2:55)
10. The Maid Of Australia (4:21)
11. Sign-On Day (1:36)
12. The Blooming Queensland Side (4:57)
13. The Land Of Bright Gold (3:25)


A$25 incl postage worldwide




The Circus of Desires

Our gorgeous 2010 release was described by broadcaster Rich Warren as "Absolutely superb"! A wonderful collection of Australian original and traditional music, with a smattering of Anglo-Celtic magic thrown in.



1. Bill & The Bear
2. The Waking Hour
3. The Brewer's Glee
4. Geordie
5. Fancy Cakes/Willie Coleman's
6. Sheepskin Creek
7. Down in the Goldmine
8. The Broken Down Squatter
9. Yodel it Over Again
10. Across the Western Plains
11. The Clockwork Elephant Set
12. The Green Man
13. The Circus of Desires

Click for some samples from The Circus of Desires or follow this link for a review:

Order your copy now for $25, including postage worldwide.

clouds coverClouds on the Road - Live Performances in Australia and New Zealand

Recorded on our tour of New Zealand in early 2007, at the Judith Wright Centre in Brisbane in February, and at The Harp in Sydney in April. Our newest album features Belinda Ford on vocals, violin and flute and Rebecca Wright on vocals and cello on four tracks, three previously unrecorded songs and lots of the energy that only comes with capturing live music in action. Follow this link to a review.


1. Thousands or More cd(listen here- broadband)
2. King Willy
3. Freedom's on the Wallaby
4. The Shape of Things
5. Violet Sarah/Hannah May's
6. The Briar and the Rose
7. The Miner's Washing
8. The Calico Printer's Clerk
9. Dance Up The Sun
10. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
11. Wasn't That A Party?
12. The Van Song
13. The Wooden Spoon cd(listen here- broadband)
14. Time is a Tempest

A$25 incl postage worldwide

dance coverDance Up The Sun

Launched at the National Folk Festival in Canberra, Easter 2006. Featuring the Wine Song and the morris-friendly title-track, we reckon it's our best yet! Here's a review.

1. Dance Up The Sun cd pdf
2. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face cd
3. Lament for Brendan Behan/ The Auld Triangle
4. Wooden Spoon
5. The Wine Song
6. Scots of the Riverina
7. Horn Dance
8. Sweetest Complexity
9. Killing Floor
10. Rue
11. Miner's Washing
12. John Barleycorn
13. The Van Song
14. Time is a Tempest
15. Bonus Track -
The Wine Song Quartet

*Extra Bonus - Rosslyn's Boiled Fruitcake Recipe

A$25 incl postage worldwide

fiddle coverThe Fiddleship

The Fiddleship was recorded while on tour in the UK in 2004. It includes some wonderful collaborations with Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer (check out their website), including a bigband version of "King Willy". You can read a review here.

1. The Fiddleship
2. Lady Maisry
3. Winds of Fortune
4. The Lock Flight
5. Plains of Emu
6. King Willy (with band) cd
7. Diggins-Oh
8. The Blacktown Jig
9. Ballad
10. The Mill (pdf)
11. Ave
12. Moreton Bay
13. Wilna's Dance

A$25 incl p&p

muckle coverViolet Sarah and Muckle John

Our second CD was given the launch of a thousand lemons at the National Folk Festival at Easter, 2002 (it all started in fun, just a bit of juggling, how do you spell melee?) Here's a review.

1. Violet Sarah
2. Famous Flower of Serving Men
3. Jenny Greenteeth
4. Lay Me Low
5. The Diamonds
6. The Jovial Beggar
7. The Shape of Things
8. Little Black Fox
9. Muckle John
10. King Henry
11. The Briar and the Rose

A$25 incl p&p

swallow coverSwallow the Concertina

Our popular first release is still available. It created a stir and received great reviews - read the review from the December 2000 Folk Rag.

1. King Willy
2. Garinish Island/ The Magic Hat
3. Annan Waters
4. Streets of Forbes
5. Gypsy
6. Swallow the Concertina
7. Parramatta Gaol
8. Honest Work
9. Ten Long Years
10. Two Sisters
11. The Green Man
12. Wasn't that a Party

A$25 incl p&p

tunes cd


Maleny Tunes Class Slow Practice CD

A special project for the Maleny Tunes Class. A selection of Irish tunes popular at sessions in South-East Queensland, played slowly and evenly so that you can learn and practice them.


1. Willie Colemans jig in G
2. The Black Road jig in D
3. My Darling Asleep jig in D
4. The Peeler’s Jacket reel in G
5. Brenda Stubberts reel in Am
6. Craig’s Pipes reel in G
7. Rakes of Mallow polka in G
8. Bill Sullivan’s polka in G
9. Egan’s polka in D
10. The Kesh Jig jig in G
11. Christy Barry’s No 2 jig in G
12. Dusty Windowsill jig in Am
13. Calliope House jig in D
14. Dowd’s No 9 reel in D
15. St. Anne’s Reel reel in D
16. The Banshee reel in G
17. Star of Munster reel in Am
18. Hardiman the Fiddler  slip jig in D mixolydian
19. The Fair Little Canavans slip jig in G
20. Lannigan’s Ball jig in Em
21. The Ship in Full Sail jig in G
22. The Wise Maid reel in D
23. The Glen Allen reel in G
24. The Concertina reel in D
25. Rolling in the Ryegrass reel in D
26. The Ash Plant reel in Em
27. Christmas Eve reel in G
28. Dinkies reel in A mixolydian

A$15 incl p&p
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