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One Step Forward - Passionate Voices Lifting Spirits

Maree Robertson, Ann Bermingham, John Thompson

Melbourne Acapella Festival 1992

One Step Forward made music in Brisbane, singing songs of protest, hope and the endless possibilities of the human spirit.

In 1992, we made 100 cassettes, most of which have long since been worn to dust.

Thanks to the generous support of a dedicated fan, in 2015 we came together once more to record. 19 songs were recorded live on 24th and 25th March, in front of a small gathering of our most dedicated supporters. "Retrospective" is the result.

Our new recording revives many of our favourite songs. The high quality of our new production is thanks to Mark Smith of Real Productions. We retain ownership of any and all included imperfections. For us, singing together was never about being perfect, it was about the spirit that grew when we did.

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One Step Forward - Retrospective


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March 2015