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On this page, you will find print-quality downloadable promo photos, links to previous press coverage, transcribed interviews and our stage-plans in PDF form.

If you require any further information or if anything needs clarification, feel free to get in touch - here are our contacts.


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Cloudstreet - hot harmonies & beautiful ballads. John and Nicole's performances are packed with vitality, humour and excitement, as they breathe new life into some of the great songs of the Australian, English and Celtic traditions and carry the tradition forward with original songs and tunes.  Driving guitar and Irish flute support their enthralling vocals. Their trademark dazzling harmonies and their impassioned presentation are leavened with humour and great tales from their travels.

Cloudstreet makes their audience feel that they are the privileged viewers of something very special.

(A "cloudstreet" is a row of thermals marked by cumullus clouds. When gliders fly from thermal to thermal by following the clouds, they "fly the cloudstreet", staying aloft for miles.)


Our 2-page promo kit

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Some past press clippings:

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Printable pictures

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cloudstreet leaping

Our stage plans:

The plan on the left is for our normal 2-piece line-up, the second stage plan is for performances where we are joined by cellist Rebecca Wright. Please contact us if you require any further details.



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