Wedding fun

John’s celebrant alter-ego was in full flight yesterday when Lonnie and Dave surprised everyone at the Brisbane session by combining their farewell session with a surprise wedding.  A song was called for, transforming the ceremony into classic folky form.  A joy to behold!  Have a look:

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  1. Hi there, I apologise to bother you! My name is Kathy Pane and I’m currently doing an event planners course. My last assignment is to find a folk band that would play at a wedding and what price it would be. I would be forever thankful if you do do this for a pricing! Forever thankful
    Kathy Pane

    1. Hi Kathy. Sorry to take so long to reply but we’ve only just seen your message. We generally charge $150pp/hour for the first hour, followed by $100pp/hr after that, plus $250 PA hire and any travel costs. Hope the course went well.


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